African spirituality at the heart of the lgbti community picture

African Spirituality at the heart of the LGBTI community

Johannesburg - Activist, traditional healers and academics gathered at Wits University on a crucial topic based on African Spirituality at the heart of the LGBTI community. Spirituality serves critical roles in coping,survival and maintaining overall well-being.


The dialogue sought to share knowledge of the work that can be done in recognizing IKS and LGBTQI awareness in Africa. The aim of the Seminar is to create a productive, diverse and inclusive society through well experienced presentations, thus creating awareness towards African Spirituality and LGBTQI awareness.


Discussions were inspired by lived experiences, research and scholarly works; and a display of literary works by implementers of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and LGBTQI awareness campaigns.


The dialogue brought together speakers and audiences to reflect on the progress that has been achieved by Indigenous Knowledge Systems - and for Indigenous Knowledge holders - LGBTQI awareness and to discuss the challenges that exist and the changes that we are working towards and achieving safe community for LGBTQI people.


Panelists who amongst them were Siphamandla Gwala, a young energetic Sangoma (Traditional healer) and a gay rights activist, Coenie Louw, a medical doctor and Director of Gateway Health Institute, Glenda Muzenda, an author, SRHR activist and scholar and Nyasha Kariza, svikiro (Spirit Medium) and human rights activist set the tone of this dialogue and shared intense findings and lived experiences, while Dumisani Dube moderated.


A full report on the Dialogue to follow.


See pictures of the event in our gallery.



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